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Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center - Rehabilitation, a drug and alcohol addiction rehab facility that is situated at 3100 Channing Way in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is committed to helping those who are addicted, get the addiction treatment they need. Getting quality care through a professional treatment center can give the patient the confidence that is needed to successfully overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Even if one is experiencing addictive tendencies, it is important that they seek help in order to mitigate the chances of addiction down the road.

Effective treatment for addiction is designed to help the addict overcome their reliance on drugs and alcohol through various multi-step programs. At Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center - Rehabilitation, staff members and counselors are there to support the patient every step of the way. By providing a solid treatment foundation and framework, patients will have the best possible chance of overcoming their addiction.

The right addiction treatment is intended to relieve the addict of their addiction. Locating the main origin of the addict's desire to continually use and abuse substances of abuse is the key to beating addiction. At Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center - Rehabilitation, proven treatment programs will allow patients to get an idea of what life is like after overcoming drug abuse. Once treatment is complete, patients are urged to attend relapse prevention programs in order to lessen the likelihood of relapse in the future.

There are many types of different treatment programs for those aged 18+ that aim to help patients overcome addiction. Group counseling, 12-step programs, medically assisted detox, and individual counseling are just some of the many styles of treatment that patients may go through while at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center - Rehabilitation. The treatment program that is best suited for the patient will be determined after a thorough initial patient evaluation and assessment. The staff members at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center - Rehabilitation will also work with the patient's insurance company in order to determine what is covered under their medical plan.

With a personalized treatment program that is designed uniquely for the patient, recovery is attainable. Connect with Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center - Rehabilitation by visiting them online at eirmc.comservicebehavioral-health and understand how addiction treatment can enhance the quality of life. Attending a treatment program will allow for a new beginning in life, one that is more fulfilled and content.

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Google Reviews

  4.0   20 days ago

I had to get a procedure done in same day surgery. I forgot a part of my nursing pump and the nurses immediately got a pump for me to use and helped me set it up. Very kind nurses and friendly. This was my 2nd time getting a procedure done there and I have encountered very professional and personable staff for a hospital.

  5.0   2 months ago

On advice from our insurance company, we went to the ER for evaluation and treatment, while traveling through the area. We received excellent support and care from nursing and other staff. The medical provider was thorough and thoughtful, listening to concerns and symptoms, and developing a plan with us to prevent future problems. Days after our visit, the attending nurse called o follow up, despite the fact we were 500 miles down the road. Excellent experience with this facility!

  5.0   2 months ago

Went to the ER- we were in and out faster than at a doctor's office! (We thought our toddler might have swallowed a battery. They x-rayed her. She didn't swallow one.) Everyone was very chipper and pleasant and nice!

  5.0   2 months ago

I was away from home when I got sick and needed to get immediate care and ended up in the ER in Idaho Falls. The doctor’s and nurse's were very caring and attentive to my fast deteriorating condition. I received immediate attention and the care I needed. Thank you for saving my life and the outstanding medical care your staff gave me.

  5.0   3 months ago

A big thank you to all the staff and the hospital for taking great care of my wife. The communication was great. Again, thank you.

  5.0   4 months ago

Away from home we ended up in the ER this morning. The doctor and nurse's we very nice and professional. Got immediate attention and care needed. Thank you for the outstanding medical care and staff.

  5.0   5 months ago

In the last 2 years I have had several procedures and have been treated with respect and dignity. I am so grateful for the people (medical pros) nurses,techs,and doctors that had to deal with me. They are so compassionate and on top of their work. Thank you all .

  5.0   5 months ago

We have been here multiple times with my daughter she has always received the best care with such warmth and kindness. They were great about keeping our Socorro in the loop. I am so thankful for this hospital and the staff.

  5.0   5 months ago

I was vacationing in Idaho Falls when I became ill, my blood pressure dropped causing 2 falls. I was taken to the hospital's emergency department by ambulance. My entire stay was excellent. I was diagnosed quickly with a bladder infection and treated immediately. All the staff were very friendly as they did their work. I especially commend Dr. Spears for his care and concern for me and my family (my brother and 2 daughters were with me).

  5.0   7 months ago

Eirmc is very good. I delivered here and it was so nice and easy. They have professional and kind staff. If you’re pregnant deliver here.

  5.0   7 months ago

We took my little grandson Kingston to EIRMC when he was sick this past weekend. The nurse, Juanita was amazing and the morning following upon our return the staff who met with us treated us with kindness and explained everything about a virus in detail, to make his recovery possible. They followed up the next morning with two phone calls and this grandma was HAPPY! He's doing better. And back to his old self. Thanks again. Althea Sittre

  3.0   9 months ago

. The doctors and nurses were great with great facilities. Had a little hassle with the billing side but it has been resolved. Was seen by a doctored fairly quickly and was well taken care of in information and updates.

  4.0   10 months ago

Have been in the cardiac wing twice. The nurses there are awesome. Thanks you.

  4.0   11 months ago

I truly feel that the staff is caring and well trained, my only disappointment is how long it took to obtain a correct diagnosis. Granted, when symptoms started I should have been more proactive with my internist, but they are so booked out. Looking back it seems fairly obvious to me they should have been able to help. I was in and out of the er many times. Given morphine, sent for hida scans, gallbladder taken out unnecessarily. Turns out the whole time I had celiacs. I was in gliadin shock on one visit, severe weight loss and diahrrea for months! There is an updated blood draw that can check for celiacs without the wait time and without gluten exposure. I would love to see our hospital be on the cutting edge and offer it. 80% of people with celiacs are undiagnosed and let me tell you, having it unmanaged is pure hell. Upper right quadrant pain, rash, the other symptoms mentioned and not one doctor out of ALL the ones I saw mentioned celiacs. I was bawling and begging for answers, had to send my kids away to family. It was awful. I only leave this so it hopefully helps them think of it for other patients. I had classic symptoms and didnt get help, many have atypical symptoms like migraines or seizures. They are surely not going to get answers without a change to the initial bloodwork.

  5.0   11 months ago

I had my first and only son here. I was a high risk pregnancy with a baby that could have not been able to breathe. The hospital handled it very well. They had my nurse, my OB, a nurse for the baby, and a NICU nurse there to make me feel like my baby and I are safe and cared for. Of course, they asked me if it was okay before they invited people to my birth. I had several family members there, and all of us were taken care of like kings and queens. I wanted a pain med free birth in water and at home, but because of my son's lung problem that was not available. However, they made it as natural and to my liking as possible. If you are going to have a hospital birth, this is where to have it. I drove a half an hour away to be at this hospital too. That shows how much I loved their maternity services! Their classes are free and amazing too!! Very helpful to prepare! I even took the infant massage one! It was all so awesome!!

  5.0   1 year ago

I was in there last night. I felt so cared for. The staff was friendly and did their jobs with skill and efficiency. I was really happy with the service I received.

  5.0   1 year ago

While on vacation in Yellowstone last week, I had the unfortunate experience to dislocate and fracture my ankle in a fall. A much humbling experience for me and after a 3 ½ hour ambulance ride I found myself at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. I cannot begin to tell what an experience at the hospital I encountered. First in the Emergency Room with Dr. Cook and the attending staff they were very thorough and gracious. Dr. Jason Dalling was the Surgeon assigned to my case and I could not have asked for a more professional and knowledgeable Doctor – very impressive on our first visit. I was in the hospital on Sept 12 and sent to a room on the 5th floor where I was greeted by Page, the attending nurse and she was friendly, offered excellent care and a very warm and accepting attitude. I also experienced Jabuz and Mandee as the primary nurses for the next couple of days and nights - they were also excellent, friendly, accepting, and very competent in their services both to me and my wife. We were 2,000 miles away from home and considering the circumstances this was an exceptional hospital experience for us. I cannot thank everyone enough for the above and beyond the call of expertise they showed to us. I also thank the support staff on the 5th floor for their attention to details and making us feel so welcome. I checked out of the hospital on Thursday the 14th and again many thanks to Dr. Dalling for his surgery and advice as we were looking forward to getting home in Knoxville TN. We arrived home on Sept 15th no worse for the wear and I do credit the excellence of the EIFMC for getting me thru the first leg of this journey with the broken ankle. I would like to also recognize Mellissa, in the records department, for her prompt attention to details in getting me copies of my pre and post x-rays as I really needed these to be seen by an Orthopedic Surgeon here in Knoxville to follow up on my care. Thanks to all involved in my care!!! Bill Pickett

  5.0   1 year ago

I delivered my baby at EIRMC, and it was seriously in the top two best experiences in my life. I could not have done it without the outstanding nurses and CNAs in L&D and women center. To name a few that helped me.. Tami, Angie, Ressha, Daidrie, nicole, kelly, meisha and tiffany. J'lene was a life saver for me and helped me with my nursing. I would recommend her to anyone that struggles with BF! What an amazing team they have at ERIMC. Doctor Allphin was incredible and the anesthesiologist was a miracle worker. I felt like the whole team listened to what my husband and I wanted. My husband was involved every step of the way. The hospital was super clean and the food was great. So just wanted to leave a big thank you for making the start of our little family something extra special for my husband and I. Thank you EIRMC!

  5.0   1 year ago

Recently, while on vacation, my husband had to go to the ER with chest pains and shortness of breath. Even though it was a holiday weekend, I have never seen such awesome care and such caring people in my life! His Cardiologist, Doctor Blank, was awesome. I had a feeling of peace as soon as he stepped in the room. Thank you so much to all that helped care for my husband! You made a very hard time in our life bearable. Thank you for returning my best friend to me!!

  5.0   1 year ago

My husband and I both had exploratory colonoscopies this morning. Admissions personnel, nurses, and the doctors provided caring and highly professional services. We had a room together, plenty of warm blankets, and nurses that were able to take time enough to make us feel cared for. The anesthesiologists were very kind and the surgeon, Dr. Olaveson, stopped in after the procedures to give us an update on what he found. This is not standard practice in other hospitals. All in all a very "pleasant" experience. I am awaiting with interest the invoices for today's services to see how they compare with other Idaho facilities.

  5.0   1 year ago

My husband was very sick and we were 2500 miles from home. The doctor diagnosed a very complicated set of symptoms, the nursing was superb, and the organization of the hospital was exemplary. 5 stars.

  5.0   1 year ago

The cardiac and ER teams were exceptional and professional! I hope to never go back for the same reason I went there three days ago, but if I do, I have complete trust in the staff and their skill sets to take care of me! Highly impressed patient here!!

  5.0   1 year ago

Best staff and everyone was so caring and nice. My husband receives excellent care. Been in multiple times.

  5.0   1 year ago

Absolutely top notch. I was taken to the ER via ambulance, and after I was checked in, the ambulance staff checked on me personally three times! The nurses were very personable and knowledgeable. A nurse even called me the day after I was released to check up and let me ask any questions. I felt very comfortable and cared for, even though every room in the ER was full that day.

  5.0   2 years ago

We recently took my daughter in to the Emergency Room and we had a great experience! My daughter was 18 months at the time and had swallowed a button cell battery from a key chain flashlight. I called the ER before bringing her in to see if I should just wait for it to pass and the nurse I spoke with was very professional and strongly recommended I bring her in. When we got there we were immediately greeted by a friendly receptionist who helped us sign in, waited maybe 10-15 minutes (there were quite a few people there before us and my daughter wasn't showing any signs of pain) which I didn't think was bad, and were then brought back by friendly nurses who helped my daughter feel calm while they took vitals. We then met with a female PA (can't remember her name) and she asked questions, ordered x-rays (I couldn't be in the room due to pregnancy but I stood right outside and the techs were great with my daughter), and was back to talk to us pretty quickly. The battery was there but had passed into the stomach and she said once it clears the esophagus we can wait a bit to see if it passes. She was great about making sure we knew what to do if my daughter started experiencing pain or we saw other bad signs or if we hadn't seen the battery pass soon and told us what follow-up care would be necessary. We left with clear written instructions and a lot of relief. We were very impressed! The whole experience took a while (a couple hours) but they were busy so we didn't mind! We will definitely go back if needed!

  5.0   2 years ago

Very caring and personable staff!!! Our grandfather had been life-flighted in from a small town, and the moment we walked into the hospital (we drove) we were met with volunteers who were expecting us, and helped show us how to get to his room. He passed away, and the nurses and doctor were incredibly sensitive to our needs, and exercised extreme professionalism during an otherwise difficult time.

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